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When Molly is getting a drink of water, Jersey likes to run up to the pocket and start drinking, which makes Molly back away and not go back for her drink. I don't think Molly is going to get dehydrated or anything, but Jers can be a little crapper sometimes.


Has anyone had to deal with this? Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can teach Jersey that she needs to wait her turn?

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Put yourself in her way to physically block her and tell her to wait. I have to do that every time I put out fresh water because my collie Noah is a very slobbery drinker. He messes the water up for everyone else. As soon as he sees me changing the water he makes a beeline for it and will shove in past the other dogs if he has his way. If none of my other dogs are right there wanting a drink of course I let Noah into it, but if the others want to I let them drink first.

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Back when we got Dean, he would "push" Speedy out of the water bowl. Other training matters were of higher importance at the time, so I started putting down two bowls of water at the same time. Somehow the problem worked itself out and I'm back to just one bowl now - they will even share the bowl nicely now. Maybe drinking out of two bowls at the same time, they figured out that they can both drink at the same time. I don't know.


Might be worth a try.

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