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Tempe passes her agility class

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My lil scaredy cat really likes agility. She passed Beginner's without issue and has now passed Intermediate I without issue - well I am an issue but that is besides the point. If she actually had a handler who knew what they were doing, Tempe would be great. It has helped her confidence too.


I can't believe the sequences she is able to do with me as a handler.


I guess one day I may have to think about competing with her in agility and I don't really like agility but Tempe loves it so far.


I am proud of her.

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Congrats to Tempe!


If you keep at it your handling skills will improve! It has taken me four years to really feel like I'm starting to understand agility handling. Competing - even only a couple of times - has really helped me start to get a feel for it!

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Going to trials really help with your handling, when I started with my Mini Aussie, I also did Junoir Handlers. That really helped, and for a while, I was a bit ahead of my dog, but we're about even now, and if anyones better, it's her.


I do recomend getting private lessons, and maybe, if your trainer has a dog, asking to run with that dog..


Just some ideas.




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