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Hi, I am new to this board and Border Collies.


I am a long time owner of Australian catlle dogs and have 2 of those as well. I developed an interest in agility about a year ago after joining the local dog club. Sadly my very focused and super smart young cattle dog was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia (FCP) ending any thoughts of agility. So I decided to have a go with my 6 year old ACD (now 7), well she loved it and had her first title after 4 trials. She has had two cruciate repairs (TPLO) previously and although there has been no problem I dont want to overdo her although she is really keen!


So I bought a 4 month older Border Collie because I figured that they are light so less orthopaedic problems and I could get one from hip and elbow scored parents ( I am paranoid about elbows). The local cattle dog breeders dont do them.


The young border collie bitch is now 7 months old has a wonderful temperament and has fitted in really well with the ACDS. I am doing obedience training with her and she is very smart. We also do some puppy agility but mainly play tug and have some fun.


My question relates to focus. My ACDS were very focussed on me at that age and also very focussed on learning. My Border collie is very social which I dont mind, but she is very easily distracted and wants to and run greet everyone even if they are specks in the distance. I obviously am happy for her to socialise and am teaching her to sit as she tends to fling herself bodily at all and sundry as not everybody appreciates welcome.


I am not really used to this. I only do very short training sessions and try and make things fun. Any suggestions on buiding attention and focus in a very outgoing and sociable Border Collie.



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