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Is He The One?

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“Is he the one, that puppy there,

The one that likes to snuggle?

Can I take him with me,

To love and hug and cuddle?”


“Is he the one, the pup you got?

Boy! he's growing fast.

Sure that's what you wanted?

Nah, never gonna last.”


“Is he the one, just brought in?

They say he is too large.

Put him in the end cage,

Write down what to charge. “


“Is he the one, the big one there?

Yep, he'll guard our house and home.

Chain him in the back yard,

He'll be okay alone.”


“Is he the one?”, the angel asked,

Taking him away.

Never more to be abused,

Or in the snow to lay.


“Is he the one?”, the woman asked,

Her dogs all prancing round.

The one with none to wait for,

Well, now he has been found.


“Yes, you're the one, I know it,

Go find a friend or three.

You will all be mine now,

Come cross the Bridge with me.”


-M. Catlow

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