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Ok Hope this works cos I am not sure how to stick videos in


I really enjoyed the tricks topic last week

But thought it would be really cool if we could actually see what tricks we were on about

If you could stick up a vid of your dog doing his stuff that would be so much fun - and give us even more ideas for tricks


I have had a go to start you all off - we havent got that many tricks yet


and TBH i just did the vidcos b/f was here to film but his camera battery was nearly dead, Ben wasnt on top form (confused with the camera) and its blooming freezing but hopefully it will give you ideas how to do better :rolleyes:


Hope it works ok



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ignore my manly voice today. My allergies are killing me from all the rain. Anywho, here's a few of the ones I can do inside. If I remember right its "ask" (a.k.a. beg), "wave", "speak", "jump", "bang" (play dead), and "whos there" (go bark at whoever is outside...we used to have a creepy guy next door so I'd send her barking if he ever came close to the house lol)


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^^^^ "Dead dogs don't wag their tail" :rolleyes: How cute!!! Woobie does "What's that?" too.


She is so excited doing tricks that the tail goes a mile a minute. She can not stay calm! Its pretty funny though she'll be laying totally still and you can just look at her and the tail starts goin.

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