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Puppy Party...!

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So BF and I come home to discover Rune got out of her crate the 4-some-odd hours we'd been gone. A look around gave us a few surprises...


Cat food was gone. Duh.


All of her toys had been rounded up, and placed on the bed. Including some of the cat toys. And he bedding. And the camera...which was, odd.


I keep a few african soft furred rats for my snakes. Rune had nudged aside some of the paper shielding them from the room's activities in order to watch them avidly, as she LOVES to do...



All in all, most everything was untouched. I'll have to build a platform or something to set the cat food on from now on, though. It was all very amusing, to see she'd rounded up all her toys and thrown herself a lil' slumber party. :rolleyes:

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Guest WoobiesMom

PICTURES!!!!! Geez, she rounded up the camera for you and everything! Does she have to take the pics herself too??????? :rolleyes::D:D


How funny! I got a great locking pet food container at Walmart. Works great to keep the evil Milo (cat) out. But I have an extra bag of food for Woobs now that we're on a different diet and the evil one continues to raid it!

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Aww poor Rune. She was just lonely and wanted some company :rolleyes:

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