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The NEBCR Canine Cookbook is finally here!!


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**Not sure if this is the correct spot for this thread or if it should go to the Coffee Break Section or the Rescue Section...please move it if it shouldn't be here...**


I just wanted to let everyone know that after a year of collecting recipes and generally nagging people to send me more :D the NEBCR Canine Cookbook is finally a reality!! I wanted to thank all of the wonderful BC Board members who contributed recipes as well as ideas to the project. We went through a bunch of versions of the cookbook and though we were going to need a bunch of "filler" as we weren't getting a lot of recipes, but when all was said and done, we had a ton of recipes! 130 pages worth! We have sprinkled training tips and quotes throughout as well. The layout was done by the Boards very own Natalie (Lunar)! She did a great job!


We did lose a few recipes, so if you submitted some and they didn't make it in, it was either because it was a duplicate of a previously submitted recipe or it succumbed to my computer crash. :rolleyes:


Check it out:


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