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Crate size?

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We will be bringing our new baby home later this week (YAY!!!!) and I was wondering what size crate will be most suitable? I am getting a large airline type crate tomorrow (about 70cm long) which I think will be big enough for a few months (if needed I will get one of the metal crates later, but I want to be able to move the crate easily around the house for the first few months).


But I am wondering if a smaller crate (about 48cm long) would be better for toilet training at least in the first month or so? Reason i ask is that I can get one at a very reasonable price, so won't mind him outgrowing it quickly, but I though it might prevent accidents in teh much bigger crate which I can't figure out how to block off a section so that he dosn't just toilet in the other end.


Leading on from the puppy size, what is the preferred crate size for an adult bc, or is that really going to depend on his full grown size?




Michelle (anxious BC Mum-in-waiting)

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When potty training, the smaller the better so they don't potty in one end, you're right about that.


You won't know what size to get until your dogs reaches its full height (typically around 1yr) and BCs vary greatly in size - though generally fit medium to large crates as adults.


I got a puppy crate (small) when my BC was a pup. Of note, you may end up using a pop-up crate when your pup gets bigger if it's well trained to behave in that type of crate. That's what my current BC, River, uses in the house, though I also have a plastic crate for car travel when required.




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Here's a thread from last month that may be helpful:





Thanks I will check that out (I am slowly making my way through older threads!).


I like the popup crate idea, I will have a look out for one of them.



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