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DUI: Dog Under the Influence

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So... my dog likes to roll in particular kinds of poop. Deer poop and fox or coyote poop, from what I can deduce. I understand the theories about why he does this, but what makes me curious is that after he rolls, he becomes absolutely, positively INSANE! If he were a human, I'd say he was drunk or high. I mean, this is a 4ish-year-old dog who has moved largely past the goofy play stage, and who rarely gets "silly." But after rolling in poop, he spins circles like a loon - 8 or 10 times - then runs and starts picking up horse poop, which he never does, and charges at me with his old crazy "chase me! chase me!" look. Honestly, it's like he regresses to his first few weeks with me, when he'd been in shelters or kennels for months, and hadn't been able to run free or act crazy.


Any theories on what's going on there? I understand that he might be happy from having accomplished a good, stinky roll - but absolutely ecstatically giddy?


Fun to watch, anyway! :rolleyes:



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I wish I knew, but I can tell you that my pup has the same problem with wet grass....oh my goodness! Trying to get her under control is nearly impossible unless I immediately move to pavement - sheesh.


And you're right, it is fun to watch. Aside for when she nips at me because she wants to play chase. owie.

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Yeah, my little terd :rolleyes: does that with grass too. As soon as he hits it he's all "lets play, lets play!!!!" He loves grass. Oh well what ever makes him happy I guess :D

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