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A lesson learned the hard way!!


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My DH took the kids to his friends house w/ him earlier today and didn't even get in the door when Peyton (my 5 yr old) got bit by their dog. It took 3 stitches on his upper lip but he will be fine. He was a trooper while having his lip sewn. He gets yummy tasting medicine too. :D


The hard lesson learned is now he KNOWS what I've been trying to teach him is true. You don't reach out to a dog that you just meet. He rushed past my DH when they entered the house to get to the dog and the dog was excited that company was coming in and Peyton startled the dog when he reached out his hand to scratch the puppy and the puppy nipped and caught his lip. It all happened so fast that DH didn't even have time to intervene before it happened. The good news is the dog is UTD on shots and has a good history w/ kids up to this point so we talked the Dr. into not reporting to the police. The even better news is that it seems to not have a negative effect on him. When we got back from the Dr., Peyton came straight in the house and wanted to play w/ our dogs like nothing happened, so no fear of dogs as of yet. I think he's learned his lesson though about how to meet new dogs. When DH and I asked him about it he explained that now he knows to wait and let the dog come to him and ask if its O.K. to pet someone elses dog. Let's hope that this has sank in by now!!


I hate so much that my son got hurt...it just broke my heart when he cried in pain but this is just one of those lessons that he had to learn on his own. I just thank God that he learned it w/o it being any worse than what it could have been.


He's on an antibiotic now and she loosely sewed his lip so that it could drain and cleanse itself. We will be watching for signs of further infection as everyone has mentioned to others concerning dog bites. But so far so good and I believe he will be fine. Just please say a little prayer for him that it gets better and not any worse.


Side note: I'm usually the panicky parent in situations like this, but I amazed myself and watched the whole thing while she put the sutures in. DH on the other hand wimped out on me. All it took was Peyton screaming when she gave him the shot to numb him and DH had to turn away and go sit in the chair. Big CHICKEN!!! :rolleyes::D

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I hope Peyton has a speedy recovery without any complications. I hate he had to go through that but sometimes boys will be boys. My nephew was the same way. No matter how many times we try to tell/show him how to pet dogs, he would still hit them. One day my sheltie just turned her head and caught his wrist in her mouth. She didn't hurt him physically (not even a red mark), but she scared him enough that he never hit another dog and to this day he still loves dogs. That was over 20 years ago.

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