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Rivens first full agility lesson

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...and it was much better than I hoped!!!!! Riven, Mrs. I bark at every dog non stop, was watching a dog today in class and didnt bark! I've learned the value of hot dogs + "that'll do". She did start out barking, but after repeatedly turning her back and treating and "that'll do", she finally just went into good dog mode and worked!!! She did fabulous! She did "come front" , "come here" (both sides), and another command I cant remember. She also did tunnels, curved tunnels and jumps!! She did amazing and I am super happy with the trainer and Riven. It went so good that by the time we left, Riven wasnt the bad dog anymore, it was the other womans dog!! Yay..so proud :rolleyes::D


What topped it all off though was while the other dog was still there in the arena, Riven climbed into a big tub of water and played! She played and ignored the other dog. It was awesome.

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Good Girl, Riven! And good for you, too, for bringing her along!


I'll be very interested in Riven's progress in agility, as there's a good local trainer that Kaylee and I can start agility work with eventually. She even makes the course available to anyone wanting to run their dog off-session. I really know very little about it, but I've got no sheep and a real promising young dog. I am committed to a good exercise program for her as she grows, and I think she'd enjoy an agility course.


How old is Riven? Do you know the recommended age for getting started in agility? Isn't it at least a year?

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Aww well done

Ben has been to a couple of puppy agility classes and he loves them

In the class some of the dogs bark lots - and ben trys to answer them - the woman says just to ignore them and they will stop but I just get ben to focus on me or on the dogs running - treats for quiet and if he is noisey then I get him to sit, stand, down to take his focus off barking


I know lots of people are against jumping the dogs so young but at this one they have low jumps

basically there is a wee game then everyone has one shot round a course then another game then one more shot round the course

its more getting used to the obsticals


- and I found ben a great wee kiddies tunnel in Argos for £10 - cos that is the only obstical he wasnnt sure of


but v glad your dog did well - and I think they learn heaps from watching the other dogs too - keep us posted

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Congrats guys!! That awesome. I'm glad Riven started to come around. I bet it's lots more fun for you now :rolleyes:

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