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I'm an owner of a 1 and 1/2 year old BC male. It's my firs Border Collie and my 3rd companion. I have read and heard that this bread doesn't eat to much, but this is getting strange...

Now my problem is not that he wouldn't eat anything, he just doesn't like anything. He makes a face like if you give a kid broccoli. I have tried everything from Hill's to Pedigree, but the only thing he likes to eat is cooked pumpkins....

It's not like he would eat to little but he just don't enjoy any meal...


Should I be worried?



EDIT: at about 8 months he was throwing up a lot, but the wet just advised me to give him some pills to calm down the stomach and after that the throwing up stopped. Could this be related to the throwing up and bad experiences with food?

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Hi, and welcome!


If you check the search function (button on upper right corner), you may find someone has previously answered your question. Here are a few threads that may be related:








there are lots more. If you skim through them, you may notice a bias against foods like Science Diet and Pedigree. Many people have found their dogs do better on brands like Canidae, Merrick, Innova, Eagle Pack, Solid Gold, Wellness, Natural Balance.... I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting some. You might also try topping your dog's food with a little shredded cheese or a spoonful of yogurt, or whatever he enjoys (in moderation, of course). Good luck!

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The thing is that I already made him eat the food with the take away food trick. He eats his food, well not all of it but enough not to loose wight. Maybe I'm just not used to him eating so little compared to my other dogs and his slow eating. My German Shepard is done with 2 times the food in half the time spent eating. Same with my German Shepard mix.


I know how ti train dogs, that isn't a problem. But I'm most of the time over reactive when it comes to their health. Maybe I'm making a big deal of nothing again as it seems :rolleyes:

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