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Kaylee's first movie

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My DH and I gave up cable some time ago, and now just watch Netflix movies once in a while. Well, the DH hadn't seen it, so last night we watched (blushing) 'Babe'. Because of the little baby BCs as much as Fly and Rex the archtypical Farmer Hoggett, and the pig, of course, and the famous "That'll do, Pig" line.


And Kaylee noticed and watched many parts of it! The sheep did nothing for her (dang), but she'd have to go investigate the house every time a dog barked, which was pretty often, and she found the poultry 'interesting', according to her ear set.


Do your dogs watch the telly? Have you noticed favorite shows/activities?


Ah, yes, the Agility Channel! And the Flyball Playoffs, I might have known, and All My Sheep, of course. Six Feet Under the Fence might appeal to some. What about Gremlins? They look sorta like BCs, although the color's not quite right...

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When I watch shows with dogs on them Lance gets upset lol. He'll growl a little but more often he does what I call "huffing and puffing". Its like short quiet barks. And he'll often get up and go to the TV or circle the room and head into the kitchen checking for other dogs. Its kind of annoying :rolleyes: and it puts him on edge. If there is a sudden noise outside or in the house sometimes he'll jump up and bark too, which usually scares the crap out of me.

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Ingrid watches TV quite a bit- especially animal planet. I had it on a show about hyenas once and I don't think she even blinked the entire hour. Any shows with a lot of movement, like horses jumping, or with subjects who produce a lot of odd high pitched noises like hyenas, whales, etc, fascinate her.

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