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Woo Hoo!

Crazy but great two weeks. Last month, Jazzy took her advanced tests for her Human Remain Detection and she passed all! I wanted to share the news but wanted to wait till today.


This morning, my once a trouble-kid-lab Cooper passed his Live air scent test!! He did amazing! If you remember, this was the dog that I didn't want but kind of forced to keep. The first vet was sympathetic when I first took him there. Her comment was that he has hyper-something-something syndrome. She was worried if I could handle him being our very first dog. But after I re-directed his energy and drive into SAR, he was a changed man! I thought about returning him to the breeder or finding him a new home when he was a puppy. I am glad that I didn't give up on him. If he didn't have an outlet like this, I don't know what kind of pet-dog he would have end up being.


So, I am just releaved...and so proud!!!


No photos. Cooper ranges so much, We can never get a shot of him.

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GO, INU! Nice work, girl! Isn't it great that you combined your talent with that of your dogs and had such a great outcome? Now everyone benefits... you, your dogs, and your community. Way to go! Congratulations and good for you for sticking with it, no matter HOW bouncy and hyperactive "certain people [dogs]" might have been in the beginning!

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Hey Inu - late catching up with this, but I had to say a huge congratulations to the three of you. It's been great following your story and seeing how you and the dogs have learned together - what a great example.

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