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This is silly, BUT... I need a good BC oneliner!

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Ok, this is really silly, and a bit funny, :)BUT... I need a really gooood, comeback for my brother in law, who has rough collies, and keeps saying, " our BC's are called Border Collies, because they are borderline collies, not "REAL!" collies!

Now I know this is really stupid, and I have held my own with him with factual knowledge about BC's but.....Now don't get me wrong I love my 2 neice doggies to little pieces, they are beautiful, sweet and smart but again,.... there really is NO comparison between the 2 of them together and my " 1 " Border Collie boy alone..

I would just like to see if anyone can give me a good one liner, a good smart a-- remark to say back to him..!

Just thought this might be a fun thread!!!!

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Hey ya'll are gooooood! Feels good to laugh!!!

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JoeAnne I know how ya feel! I have a brother and sister-in-law that have two boxers! We are always trading barbs. But secretly, I hate them dang dogs! No training at all! But, I smile and get to say whatever crap I want and they think it all in fun! heh heh,,,,,don't y'all let on now!

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Originally posted by Dixie_Girl:

Laurie, now that is a great bumper snicker! Where did you find it?

I can't remember - saved it off the internet somewhere a while back (I liked it cuz of the red dog)...


Oh, and for the one-liner...just tell your collie friends that

"In the time it took "Lassie" to go tell someone that Timmy was in the well; a Border Collie would have dialed 911 for back-up, thrown a rope to Timmy, hoisted Timmy out with his teeth, adminstered CPR and served him up a bottle of Coca-Cola and a Moonpie."

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I love em too, actually just being a dog (or any critter), is good enough for me!!

I do like the Lassie and Timmy one, that's good. I also really like the " Border Collies everything you have ever heard is true"!!! Yeah buddy! Certainly everything I have heard anyone on these boards say about their BC, I have either experienced/witnessed with my own BC's or BC's in my training classes...

Ya gotta love em... they can bring out every emotion I possess, but most of all love and laughter!

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