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If you get something like indoor/outdoor type stuff you should be able to hose it down for cleaning. From your last post however it looks like you are putting it on top of bare dirt. You may have problems with molds growing underneath and erosion. Also the earth will hold the dampness and cause the matting to degrade alot quicker than normal. You might want to consider putting a slab underneath and the matting on top.

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Something that I looked into while we were going through a particularly rainy period and virtually no grass in the back yard was to get astroturf for the yard.


In my searching, I have found astroturf made specifically for pets. Don't know how the system works or the cost, DW told me that i was crazy and was calling someone to have me locked up.


Here is a link, it is called K9 Grass .


If I ever hit the lottery, our yard may be replaced with this stuff. It looks like they sell in smaller quanitities. There is something about a person making a pet area on their balcony in Chicago.


Though I would pass my dream along :rolleyes:

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The grass stuff does look really cool... :rolleyes:


All of the pictures from that kennel (the one with the bone pool) look really nice.


Good luck finding some "ground" for your pups.

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