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In April I posted a happy follow up to Lewis, a dog who spent 7 months in foster care with us before finding his perfect home.


Lou's Happy Beginning


Today I bring you another 7 month update, and this time a sad one.


Lewis who is mentioned on the special adoption pages of the TDBCR, is Mr. Cinderella. He came to us as a terrified, abandoned dog. After seven months in foster care he was adopted into a loving home in Tatla Lake, and became an exceptionally talented cattle herding dog. It was as if he was born to be a ranch dog.


His new Mum phoned on Monday. She had been crying for two days. On Friday, in the middle of the night, two intoxicated persons drove onto the ranch. It is suspected that they had arrived to steal gasoline. Lewis raised the alarm, barking and chasing after the thieves. He was protecting his people, his cattle and his ranch. His barking roused the sleeping family; they charged outside in time to see Lewis being purposefully and intentionally run over and killed. Their story, once they were cornered, was that they thought Lewis "was a garbage bag". He did not suffer. His injuries were massive and horrific. Louie died protecting what he loved. He was loyal to the end.


RIP Lewis.



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