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Riven has a boyfriend now. Both are fixed lol

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So a while back I posted a video of Riven with a neighbors dog named Penny. Penny was a girl, young and just a plain pest to Riven. The family gave Penny to someone they work with because she was nipping the children. The next day the woman and I (she's a very good friend) saw a picture of a dog being given away. She took the number and they ended up with him. The owners were moving and said they couldnt take all 3 dogs, so they had to give one away. (or something like that).... So they ended up with him and he is a complete sweetheart. He's not agressive in the least, listens, is 3 years old, housetrained ect. He does however snatch food out of your hand if you're giving him a treat. Any ways to safely stop this?


Also Riven and him LOVE each other. They played today and it was hilarious. I've never seen Riven play with another dog. I was so happy for her. But then something discusting happened. He began to lick her in the hind end. The nasty little dog she is allowed him to lol. So now I want to know what the heck is up with this behavior, especially since they're both fixed!


Riven would romp around and tear around him close to the ground and he is so fat and bulky he could hardly turn as fast as she was running in circles around him LOL.


Any guesses on his mix?




Here are his airplane ears. I love that lol


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My initial thought was mostly Labrador with a bit of something else.


I wouldn't worry too much about the licking - you could interrupt it if you wanted to - a verbal like "That'll do", or "Ugh,ugh" and a re-direction to a toy or ball or something. Riven will tell him if she's sick of it.


As far as getting him to take the treat gently - I use the word "Gentle" and at the same time, hold the treat in a closed fist - he doesn't actually get the treat until he backs off from your hand - then you can deliver it from an open hand. Everyone needs to do this with him, so he learns to respect the food. He never gets the treat if he mugs you for it. You and your friend can also teach the "Leave it" game - piece of food on the floor - cover it with your hand or foot, then as dog backs off, uncover it - and if dog stays off it, then treat from the other hand. Doesn't take most dogs long to figure that leaving the food and paying attention to the owner is the way to get the treat. Even Labradors can get it pretty quickly!


It's lovely for dogs to have a friend to play with. And they really like going for walks with another dog and another human.

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I thought lab at first, when I posted Usher's friends pic. Everyone thought shar pei, me too, but I found out later, when they found her, her ears were so infected they had to have them clipped off when she was a pup. So, you never CAN tell. But I see lab in this one.

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Being altered sometime makes no difference in the desire for..well, you know. lol

My Buster used to constantly "mate" with our pitbull Molly before she was spayed..but he was neutered as a pup...lol

Once she was spayed, that still made no difference to him! I kept finding them "stuck together" every couple of weeks. I had no idea that altered dogs still wanted to "mate".


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