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I have a general question, when at a trial should you switch the side that you send your dog

for his/her outrun every so often to prevent the dog from souring so to speak or just send

your dog whichever side he does better on? :rolleyes:

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What side you send the dog on usually depends upon the sheep and the field. You need to look at where the draws are and make your decision on which side to send the dog based on that. The trial that I was just at this past weekend had a strong draw to the away side so most handlers, including myself, sent out dogs to the right. The field that I was at a few weeks ago had stronger draws to the left so most sent to the come bye side.


Basically you want to be able to train/work your dog to the point that both sides are good and it doesn't make any difference which way you send him/her.



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see, I'm not that talented. My male was strictly a "come-bye" kinda guy and would cross over- wow 1/2 my points gone. Migraine had a nice away -very wide- we kind of stuck with what we were good with, but we were in novice, so.......go figure.

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