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Nervous & a question

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He'll be gone all day. I pick him up at 4 PM. They are doing the blood work first and checking for heart worm and starting him on that even though there have only been 10 cases reported in Idaho, better safe than sorry. Before there was only one case reported, so I passed, but now 10......I got a little worried and he's outside more. So here's a good bye picture.


Now for the Question-

I've only had one male before and he was never neutered. How long of a recovery time am I looking at here? He has an obedience lesson on Wed. No jumping. Just heeling and such. Do I need to cancel? Thanks-


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Guest WoobiesMom

My dog Rush was only out of commission for about 2 days. We just took it easy after that. Wednesday might be a little early. Within 5 days he was his old self, running around being a stinker!

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:rolleyes: at the goodbye picture - poor lad.


They do vary a lot in their recovery rate - my first boy lay on the sofa for a few days, but my current boy bounced back very quickly. I'd be guided by how the dog seems to be feeling, but if you're in any doubt, then cancel the lesson. You don't want him to be unduly stressed - trying to do the right thing for you but having trouble.


Looking at the time, I guess you've got him back by now. Hope everything went well.

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