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Oh my gosh it's going to be a long day

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and she doesn't believe in crate training. Bree is a total brat with him and he is a month older, but he's such a suck that he bellies up to her then she gets mad cuz he's not playing crazy like she wants, They have now played for 2 hours HARD and its Bree's nap time and she is getting cranky so I put her in her house and Luke doesn't want anything to do with him so I put him in Lukes house, hoping he would nap too, but he is singing to the moon. I need to go have a shower and I can't have a puppy who isin't potty trained running free in the house with no one to watch him so he is just going to have to sit there and sing.. Also he is a BC so I have a house full of hyper BC's ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oh the cool thing about him is that Luke is his uncle!


Anyway to the shower for me! Tara

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Yikes you do have a long day ahead of you - perhaps babygating the pup in the kitchen or some other easy to clean place might help for the shower?


My foster pup is 5 mo and she's a handful, so I feel your pain!

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