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Question about ticking

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I was just wondering...when a puppy is white with ALOT of black ticking all over, do they generally keep their spots? Or do the small black spots turn into large patches of black? My baby is 12 weeks and has such pretty black spots..she also has alot of tan ticking too..mostly on her legs and a little on her face and neck and chest. I love her markings, but hubby told me not to get too attached to her spots because eventually they will change into large patches of black. My adult BC mix has some black ticking on his muzzle and chest from when he was a baby, and his spots are still spots, so I was wondering if in fact ticked puppies keep their spots or do the spots change to large patches of black?

Here is what she looks like now...










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I think they usally go away after a while, but some dogs do have lots of ticking on them forever. It really just depends on the dog. You may not know until they go away, or don't. She sure as a cute face though. Sorry I'm not more help :rolleyes:


Black Jack has some ticking on his nose, and legs but not very much. Just a few spots here and there.

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Some of the very dense areas of spots on your pup might turn into the ACD kind of look - still stay a mottled black/white, but not distinct spots. But a lot of the other spots (like on her sides, legs and neck) look like they will probably stay as spots. They may just get a little darker, and possibly a bit bigger.


With age (starting with pups, and seems to continue through the golden years) dogs tend to develop more ticking, and what they have gets a little darker/bigger. But there is no doubt in my mind that this little pup will always be very spotty!

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This is Stella's brother, Boss, and he actually looks a lot more like your pup.


Boss at a couple weeks old






About 3 or 4 months old




and at 6months




Boss is really gorgeous! Love the markings!

Thanks for showing me! He does look a bit like my Callie!


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