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Bruised nipples?

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All of Shadow's nipples look bruised, they have dark patches around them. I've never seen her chewing at herself or anything, but she must be. The odd thing is the dark colours are uniform, not mottled like a normal bruise. Shes got a vets appointment next Wednesday, but I'm curious to see if anyone else has seen this on their dogs.


Heres a picture, its not that great tho =/


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Kinda hard to tell, but a lot of dogs have variances in the pigmentation on bellies, including nipples.

The colors in that pigmentation also vary pretty wildly too.... bruising on white bellies tends to look a lot

more red and fade to more purplish tinges... My eyes may be deceiving me but I see more brown .

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are you sure they just aren't ticking? Clover, although she's only got a couple of 'freckles' on her whole rest of her body has her entire belly covered with ticking/freckles...and they appeared overnight in batches. Again, these were brown (because she's red) but that's just her... what I see on Shadow looks a lot like what Clover has. Zena just has one big patch on her belly so far ... it's super cute!

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Ticking....pigmentation...... :rolleyes:



Are these places tender ? Is there any discharge or crustiness? Anything other than color change?


Young pup's coloring can and will change... it may take close to a year with some dogs for all the ticking

to show.

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