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Introducing Lionel

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Well, it is official! We are the proud of owners of a Border Collie mix who is maybe 13 weeks old. He is a rescue animal from our local shelter, and he is a doll! We have named him Lionel "the lion-hearted" because he was able to overcome a rough case of coccidia.

He has been with us for two days and he is keeping us very busy--lots of early walks, late walks, ball throwing, and chewy toys.

:rolleyes: Any guesses on his mixed lineage? We have heard Aussie, Lab, and even Dalmation...?

We would also love any crate training ideas. He will have to be crated for several hours (3--4) in about two weeks when I go back to work. I get up and take him out and then feed him and walk him around the block and play with him and will continue to do so before going to work. He has spent 2 nights in the crate plus I am feeding him there and making it as friendly as possible. Both nights I have spent downstaire with him and when he whimpers, I place my hand in the crate and speak soothingly and he settles immediately. Tonight I want to go back upstairs to our bedroom as my husband does not work tomorrow. Would it be better to bring the crate into the bedroom and settle from there or would it be better to have the pup sleep downstairs and "cry it out" now that he is a little more familiar with his surroundings? He does not mind the crate now, and I don't want to scare him, but my husband would like me back upstairs! :D

He has kept the crate dry both nights and we've had only one accident in the house--not on my watch!!! We will try allowing him to stay in the crate today while we run a 30--45 minute errand and build from there. Send any ideas about the crate, the mix, and any other training ideas!


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Oh, he's really cute! :D I'm not sure what he might be mixed with. His ears don't look border collieish, but the rest of him does. I think it's easier to tell as they get older.


It sounds to me like everything is going well, and you're on the right track. I would bring the crate into the bedroom. He will be comforted knowing that you're right there and he can see you. It sounds like he's not having any trouble with the crate, but if he wimpers a time or two, that's ok, but I wouldn't respond to it (unless you think he needs to go potty). If you comfort him every time he wimpers in there, he will soon have you jumping up at his beck and call! :rolleyes: Know what I mean? And yes, I like your idea of starting out with small amounts of time, working up to the 3-4 hours. Also, make going into the crate a good thing. My two willing *run* into their crates any time I say "go crate" because they know I'll give them a cookie. They associate it with good things.


Congrats, again, he's adorable.

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What a cutie!!!!! (nice carpet too!) First off, kudos to you on taking in a rescue!!!! As for the mix, it is anyone's guess. A lot of kennel workers aren't very good at guessing I have noticed. If they see a spot, all they know to say is dalmation. Don't even worry about what he is, he is a gem! My dogs stay loose when I am gone, so I am no expert, but here goes my two cents. I don't know that you and your hand in the crate is such a great idea. I would worry about starting a bad case of seperation anxiety. Rather a stern "no" might help in the long run. If he continues, take him out for a quick walk. No playing. I am sure the others will have much more helpful advice.

Is he your only dog? Good luck with him! He sure is cute!

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Guest WoobiesMom

Congrats! He's a sweetie. I second the spaniel guess and the recommendation to put the crate in your room. Both my dogs have done much better at night if they can smell and hear me. I wouldn't respond if he wimpers, just your scent and the sounds of you rustling around while you sleep will eventually comfort him that he's with his pack. I've read it can create a stronger bond as well, and who doesn't like that?


Have fun!

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Guest TheRuffMuttGang

Lionel is cute!!! He looks a lot like on of my former foster pups (adopted by my parents), Ruby, who is a BC/Springer Spaniel mix.


10wks Old



6mos Old



13mos Old




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Thanks everybody! Hmmm! Setter or Spaniel would explain the perm he has on top! Lionel has an 11 year old "brother" Phineas, who is a Jack Russell as well as Griswald--a wild outdoor cat who ignores everyone. We had a lovely walk today down at Saluda River--shady and beautiful--so he should sleep well tonight regardless :D .

Speaking of Phineas--he and the pup have been playing well together--with a little rough housing and alpha posturing--but the funniest thing is happening. The dogs are about the same height, and Phineas is trying to be the tough big guy, but Lionel keeps nipping at Finny's stubby, white tail. So here Finny is--chest out, head statuesque (for a stubby JR), poker face...and tail tucked demurely under for protection--kind of ruins his Clint Eastwood appeal!!!!! :rolleyes:

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OH what a CUTIE and I love the story about him and Phineas. I agree about the crate thing... you could move him into your bedroom (that's where all my dogs sleep in their crates) and i wouldn't pay attention to him at night unless you think he has to potty and then take him directly out and back again (no playing or snuggles) so he gets used to it.


My 2nd round of recent puppies is 19 weeks old now and they love their kennels so much! Of course they always get a chicken chip (treat) if they go nicely into their kennels when I say "kennel". Treat training works great for us!


Good luck with your ADORIBLE little guy

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Lionol is sure cute!!!


But with the hand in crate thing.... I did that... and it only made things worse!! I became a enslaved to keeping my hand in the crate, or else my lil miss would start crying again. the crate was next to my bed.

SO, that wasn't going to work,

Then we put the crate in the living room and ignored her. THAT worked. and when she would stop crying. I would give her all sorts of praise. she figured it out pretty quick. over time her crate became her safety/relaxation place. and she loves it now.


ETA: We didn't even tell her NO!, just completely ignored her. no attention at all went her way if she was crying. I also put a blanket over the crate, that seemed to help make her feel a little more at ease. you might try leaving something in there that REALLY smells of you. I took a stuffed animal and left it in a dirty hamper for a week and gave that to her.

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Looks like a Springer Collie to me as well. The ears are a dead give away but I am wondering about the feet as well. Our Springer has big feet for a dog her size. Rugers are much smaller all though both dogs are about the same stature but with a 10lb difference. Springers are a heavy boned dog compared to the Borders. Both are hyper but the Borders are definetly more driven and smarter.

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