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Maggie's "Got Day"

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I didn't get a chance to post this yesterday, but April 12th is Maggie's Got Day - this year marks 6 years since I adopted her at 9-11 months old.


When Maggie first came to me, she was a kennel crazy pup with no chance of adoption. In fact, her name was taken off the euthanasia list the day before her adoption due to my talk with the shelter director.


At a young age, Maggie had already been through 3 homes and at the shelter twice. April 12th was her last day of being unwanted.


The first day home, Maggie proceeded to jump a 5ft tall fence and return to the back porch because she couldn't stand being left outside w/o me. She originally was to be an outside dog unless I was home, but 5am wake up calls led to a crate in the basement, then in my room, then free in the house....well you get the idea.


On our first trip out into public, Maggie literally flipped out in a group of 4 people and we had to head home. I immediately began learning all I could about dog training and soon we had completed two competition obedience classes and an agility prep course.


In February 2001, Maggie earned her first Jr. Handler agility title and added a second in Nov. 2001. She is still competing, now in Standard classes (USDAA).


With lots more work, Maggie passed her Delta Society Pet Partners certification tests on March 3, 2003. We currently work at a local nursing home and retirement community twice a month. She has a large fan base there. :rolleyes:


Maggie is a totally different dog than she was 6 years ago and I consider her a great success story; unwanted, unsocialized, untrained to priceless, social butterfly, and continually learning in 6 years - sounds like success to me! :D


Happy belated Got Day Miss Maggie Mae!!!!!!!!!

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YAY!!!!! Inspiring and congratulations!


Monday was Shep's 2 year got day. I hope in 6 I can share a fabulous story of success as well. If you ever have second to write down what you did in detail over the years, I'd love to hear it.


These success stories are so unlifting for us.



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