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WE did it, but did not mean to.

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Sorry guys -- I didn't write the shelter piece. It was on craigslist (as I stated in my 2nd message) about a year ago.


Ironhorse: Don't know about the numbers, wouldn't care if it was 100 -- it's still horrible! I do really doubt the HSUS can keep track of every little shelter in the US -- and I know every shelter is not affilitated with HSUS (which is probably unfortunate). The message isn't that shelters are evil institutions; the message is don't make more babies, we can't deal with the ones we have.


"Appropriate euthanasia" only happens when you PAY for that sedative shot at your local vet. Shelters cannot afford that luxury (this I do know).


I am glad that some of you thought the piece was powerful.

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Lin, that post really struck a chord with me. When I was a vet tech it was my job to help euthanize, then collect the bodies and haul them to the freezer. Every time I'd be in the bathroom for an hour afterwards crying my eyes out.. 90% of those animals didn't need to die. Putting healthy, happy, good animals to "sleep" is why I switched from veterinary medicine to BSc, and am going into dentistry. Having hundreds of animals die with their heads in my arms was more horrible that most people can imagine. ~hope that post is read by ANYONE who wants to breed their dog just for the sake of doing it, and I hope it stops them~

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Humane euthanasia is that. $$ doesn't factor in. Yes, in the real world, money is an issue. But, I could NEVER work with any shelter who employed any of the dismally inhumane methods of euthanasia. NEVER. PERIOD. Just because it is done, doesn't mean it's right, and for what it's worth, I believe a gun shot to the head is more humane than gas/electric shock etc. IF the gun shot is done correctly- again, I couldn't do this.

As for the syringe to the chest, that is called cardiac puncture, and one must be well trained to do this correctly, and it is not easy.


Below is a good site which describes euthanasia. Not easy. Not at all.



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