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Getting opinions - Boise, ID picnic

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So, Ms. Jodi has thoughtfully offered her place for a get together. But that is under the condition that I plan everything since she has 2 jobs and I have one... well.. kind of. (housewife/no kids lol) I dont want to plan and go to all this trouble if it is only gonna have the normal Boiseites (is that a word? lol). I think Salt Lake is about 5 hours away, I also know its possible to make it here from Cheyenne in a day, but its all day driving. I know Oregon coast/Mt. St. Helens is about 8 hours drive. So... if anyone needs a zip code for Mapquest just use 83713 (dunno if thats hers, but its a zip in Boise lol)


Miss Riven and I thank you for your input. :rolleyes:


ETA: I just mapquested Vancouver, WA and its about 6 hours away... I think that covers both sides of us. I know LA is like 12 hours or something.

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When are you going to have it and how far are you from KC? I am assuming you know being a former resident of the area and all.



Dunno a date, and Idaho is about 2 days drive lol.


2300 miles +/- from Yuptopia here


Come on!!! You know you wanna drive 3 days!! LOL

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I would love to come. It sounds like fun. But I would have to see if it would be possible or not with the price of gas and all. So I'm a for sure maybe :rolleyes:

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