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I am in a pickle...~

I have an opprtunity to move into a house that is 3 towns south of where I live now. A HOUSE!! with one other dog and an 30-40ish female roommate. so there would be 3 dogs, her and I and my kitty. no B/f at all. its only $400 a month for everything and I wold be a lot closer to work! BUT there is no dog park. and well... I love to park and the people in it! which makes me not want to move away from it. :rolleyes: I know it sounds silly, but the park is a very important part of our day!

but moving there would be the best way to go, I could save money to put down on a house in a few years!!!

I know what the best way to go is,but I don't want change!

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That's what I would say. Move and then once or twice a week/month go back to the park and play. I wouldn't pass up a good deal like that. But I always have a problem giving advice like that because I'm not you and I don't know how everything works for you. Good luck. Tell me how it goes.

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