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question for the raw feeders

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Do any of you other raw feeders use kibble during travel? If you do, have your dogs ever had problems with that (the food itself or the change)?


Kessie's coat grew really dull and dry on the last field trip (12 days of mainly kibble). Shortly before that, we had been on another trip (7 days of the same kibble).

Now she's been back on raw meat for a week, and the coat is getting shinier and smoother again pretty quickly. She's also quickly replacing the hair she lost to the burrs up there.


I'm wondering if this is a normal reaction for a dog who's been raw-fed for a long time, or if the kibble I use is simply the wrong kind for her (although she's never reacted to having it added to her breakfast or given as treats). After all, there are lots of kibble eaters with gorgeous coats around!

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Could be the kind of kibble that you are using. I travel for agility and dont like to have chicken defrosting in my cooler and sitting. So I use Solid Gold Hundenflocken or Chicken Soup. If I am feeding kibble for an extended peroid of time..we drove to Arizona from the east coast last Nov. and raw feeding was not realistic, I will supplement with salmon oil, egg, and so forth with no detriment to coat and skin

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A cool box is definitely coming along on the next private holiday (should have checked the meat prices in Switzerland BEFORE going there :eek: ). On the field trips I don't really dare to feed raw, for it can be disgusting and I want Kessie to leave positive impressions with the profs and the other students so she can continue to come along without problems.


I did buy her tuna, cottage cheese, and even three packets of beef when I noticed what was happening, but that was in the second half of the second field trip so she'd been eating lots of kibble for quite a while. Maybe it would have been all right if she'd had more supplements all along (and, as you say, salmon oil, which I simply forgot to pack).

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