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Shedding and penning questions

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Anytime you want to come down here and work with me on shedding and penning...you have a free pass.

Awww, that is so sweet! Thanks! What I really would like to do is have you help me with Bear (my aussie) a little bit. Now that's he's 10 (or 11 or 12) I think he *might* be manageable. "Might" is the operative word here. Maybe when it's cooler, we'll take you up on your offer (and of course, go for sushi after!)

My pc locked up downloading your video so I couldn't see it!!

You didn't miss much. :rolleyes:


See you next weekend at the Highland Games! I'm quite excited as I've never been to a Highland Games before. Also, I am one of those rare people who likes haggis so I am extra-stoked!

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I did get to see the shed.


1. The first time you shed, you were more facing to Lou thant the direction you wanted him to shed. You need to be facing the sheep you want him tos shed and walk that way. Bascially waling towards the end of the last sheep. As you called Lou, it was mixed signals on which sheep to shed as you were not clear and forceful in your walk.


2. The second shed you, sheep and dog are in a a LARGE X shape than an CROSSshape. This is also unclear. You are not in the sheep eye that you want to shed. Nor is Lou...he is too far back.





The sheep that you want to shed must catch the eye of the dog.


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some pixs to go with the diagrams-- pixs from various trials



1. Getting the CROSS set up....





2. Calling the dog in and turning to sheep...these were velcro sheep that were NASTY to shed so the dog had to come in HARD and FAST....only had one chance with these sheep!!




3. You can not see me but I am facing to the sheep that the dog is holding...again, velcro sheep...dog coming thru to me on the CROSS





diane...who is grateful for a great dog..

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