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Spaying today.

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I dropped poor Roxie off at the vet today. She was so happy for the car ride and glad to see/meet everone at the vet. She has no idea....


On the other hand I had my kiddos with me 6 and 3. The 6 year old had a melt down, why were we leaving her there. He wanted to stay and watch in the window. I told him a bit about what was going to happen, and that the doctor was going to "fix" her tummy so that she would not have any babies. At this time, my sister showed up to drop off Gus (Roxie's littermate and cohort in crime) Patrick had a fit again telling her not to leave Gus because babies do not grow inside of boys.


I had to walk Patrick into his kindergarten class and let his teacher know what was up today.



It is going to be fun trying to keep the pups and kids calm after this.

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I'll be thinking of her. My two pups are in for a spay and neuter today too. Lots of little ones going under today for those.

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I just called to check on her, she is on the operating table now. YIKES


The good news. Gus is finished and recovering now. His surgery was fine.


(I really need to get Hayley to join, so she can give you the Gus updates herself) LOL

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Roxie is done and at home now. I was surprised they did not keep her overnight. She is not messing with it at all. so far she is being pretty calm although I am having to give her water slowly, I don't want her to get to much too fast. As soon as my little ones go to sleep I will get some good cuddles in. As a consilation prize she got a new treat ball puzzle, pig ears and a bone (with supervision)


I am glad to have her back.

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