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I read in our local giveaway paper that an animal shelter is being opened locally. I hope to be able to volunteer a few days. Don't know how much I can work as I have family obligations. My Mom is 96 years old and semi invalid so I take care of her for about 2 weeks out of every month.(200 miles away)

I know my heart will be broken many times as many of the people in this area have no respect for animal life. I attribute this to the fact that so many of the older generations were trappers.

We have never had an animal shelter in this area and I am so excited that now the unloved and unwanted animals will have a chance at new homes.


On the brighter side I spoke with a couple yesterday who told me they had 20(yes 20) dogs at their house. One dog is named Lucy Lou just like my bc is named.


All of you please wish the best of luck to this new facility



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Wishing all the luck in the world for the new facility. One good benefit of having one, is that it will make folks more aware of problems with unwanted dogs and cats due to lack of s/n! Hopefully it will work out that way!



Good luck and kudos for wanting to help out!

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A wish for good luck is always in order, but it is people just like you who will make this work!,

and at the same time make this world a better place overall, for other than human animals and us human types as well.

Bless you!

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