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Teaching/reinforcing a down

Guest kimkathan

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Guest kimkathan

Do you have any advice on how to reinforce/re-teach a down on a young dog? She's extreamly pushy and too much of an over achiever. Right now, she does know the meaning of the word down, but dosen't always take it the first time. Often it takes 2 or 3 times or waiting for the sheep to stop moving. It seems that she's much better at downing when she's walking straight onto the sheep, and not so much so, when she's flanking or starting on a gather. She's much more receptive to the whistle than a verbal. I was guilty in the very beginning of telling her down and repeting it til the sheep stopped and then she would. I know that I am the one who has put this problem onto the both of us by not enforcing it from the very beginning, but do you have any advice on how to correct this now before she becomes any older and set in her ways?

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