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All of us love Border Collies and will say that is one the best breeds of the canine world. but what about breeds you don't like?


In my case, I wouldn't own, not even if given by my best friend:


1.- Pequinesse

2.- English Bulldog

3.- Basset hound


As you can see... I like dogs with LEGS. (and if muzzle and neurons, the better)

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Preference wise, no dogs with a flat snout. I like long snouts. MHO, Greyhounds are one of the best looking dogs. Russian Wolfhounds are my favorite.


As to what I wouldn't have... pit bull, rottweiler, dobie, german shep... because home owners insurance wont cover you with them :rolleyes:

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Well.... I would have said german shepherd, but I'm kind of stuck with him. O.O (He came with the hubby.) I wouldn't own any of the bully breeds, anything like a yorkie or shi tzu, nor anything like a bulldog or a boston terrier. I had a bit of a time trying to decide what breed to look for when I was dog-hunting.... apparently I'm pretty picky.


(I would, however, love to get a dachshund, strangely enough. I think they're cool.)

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Breeds I wouldn't own:


Anything except BCs!


To be specific


1. Bloodhounds

2. Labs (I love my lab but once is enough)

3. GSDs


It shows how limited I am to different breeds... They all happen to be typical SAR breeds too. :rolleyes:


Other breeds I would consider if my arms are twisted:


1. Golden

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It might be easier for me to say that I only really like the working breeds...lol. Especially German shepherds. But probably will never own one as insurence doesn't smile on them...



Though we did have a wonderful rescue ex-racer greyhound too!

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No hounds

No terriers

No short snouted dogs

No short, stubby legged, thick dogs (ie. Labs)

No yappy dogs or drop kick dogs


I think the Saluki is one of the most beautiful - but would probably never own one as they are notorious couch potatoes...


I tend to like tall dogs - the BC being the smallest I've ever owned.


And I prefer medium haired dogs - liking long hair over short haired if those were my choices. I really like my medium length BC.

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I want a Saluki so bad! They are amazing.

One of my top breeds other then BCs and little cute dogs.





Rat breeds (Fox terriers, rat terriers, TFT, etc)



Huge dogs that drool A LOT (great danes and the like).

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Funny how many of us have the same thoughts here!


- dogs without real legs

- dogs without proper snouts (I know someone with two pugs...how can you be happy when you're constantly listening to someone having breathing difficulties?)

- dogs where you can't see the wolf anymore

- bull breeds (I have nothing against them, but I couldn't cope with the way people treat you when you have a dog like that)

- lazy breeds (looking after a nutty like me is a full-time job...a dog who doesn't want lots and lots of interaction would go bonkers himself)

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I would only own a working bred dog.


Border collies (of course)

Working German shepherds (NOT german or american show lines)

Malinois (I lOVE them)

Dutch shepherd

I would love another sheltie one day (token little dog) or maybe a papillion or JRT.

I would own a pit if the right rescue came about.


Other than that I wouldn't really own any other breed....

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I love all dogs. But there are those that creep me out enough i wouldn't own one.


1. Poodles. What strange place did these things come from?


2. Chows. Can you say DEVIL DOG!?


3. Bully or yap yap dogs in general. Met some great bullies and yapper dogs, but they just aren't for me.


I will echo the general tone here, I'd own true working dogs anyday tho. Just something about them, makes them appealing to me.

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I love my BCs, but other breeds I like are :Tollers,Huskys,Salukies, greyhounds, papillons, Pitties, and pyrsheps. you could not pay me to own a Peke. lol I really dont like thick breeds, Pitties are the one and only breed I like that are a little thicker in body. like everyone else here, the dogs have to have legs! if someone forced me to get a lab for example, I would find a feild lab, they are nice and tall, narrow and leggy! I probably never would have considered a Husky without Honey, when we found her I just adored her, however I would want to rescue a blind or partial blind husky one day(Honey was 90% blind, I really enjoyed caring for her needs.) I too dont like smash face breeds, and I really dont like poofy hair, I dont like in on animals and I dont like it on people lol

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When I retired in 2003, I started volunteering at a Spokane animal shelter to photograph adoptable dogs and upload them to Petfinder with a brief description. I've handled and photographed 4400 dogs and my opinions about breeds have really changed. First about Border Collies (we brought two home) and about other breeds as well. I'm now fond of (some) Labs and Goldens, and I've seen many lovely Pit Bulls (and some bad ones). What I am looking for is orientation to people, sociability and affection, and responsiveness. I've seen these traits in most breeds and I've learned to look at each dog as an individual. There is a lot of variability in the temperaments of all breeds. There seems to be as much variation within breeds as between them. That's why getting a puppy is such a crapshoot!

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I've learned to never say never. We had a Chow who was as sweet as she was beautiful and have never found a dog with such a stable temperament since.


I never wanted Pits...and now I have two pit mixes and actually enjoy the wider berth I'm given, even if totally unjustified, when I take them to Home Depot or about. Sometimes it's annoying when everyone will flock to the BC's as if they automatically assume they can be petted and loved upon. With the pit mix I actually have to convince people to come visit...which I do occasionally because they're both such awesome and bomb proof dogs who enjoy meeting people.


So, while I think I might never own...let's say a poodle or a chinese crested..I'm not saying it straight out as I'm sure life will put one on my doorstep, much to my eventual delight.



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I see that Steward has already answered this one but didn't sign his name. What he didn't say is that his main attraction is to herding breeds, and that he really doesn't want to OWN anything but a Border Collie. With some frequency at the shelter, we meet a dog that we really like, and I say "I could live with this dog." Steward's answer is always, "NO, I only want Border Collies. So there is no dislike of a breed per se, just a compelling attraction and love for Border Collies.


Kathy Robbins

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I do have to chime in here and say I will NEVER own a pitt.


I have rescued one, like 5 mos ago, but donot and never will totally trust them.


I've been attacked by three in the last 3 mos out here in Spokane!!


That was enough to turn me off from the breed all together.

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oh I forgot one breed I could never own, and thats a Rottie, nothing to do with bad rep, I actually think they are quite pretty and freindly dogs, but I have way to many bad experineced with them as a kid, when I went to the beach when I was little a rottie chased me, then some family freinds had one, and she kept jumping up and clawing my back and knowcking me over, and anouther when I tried to close a back gate, and rottie came flying down the ally throwing itself on me. they were hardly mean dogs, but they were large and untrained, and scared the daylights out of me!

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I don't have a specific breed but the charateristics I wouldn't have is:

short hair-I like the feel of long better.

wired hair-it just looks and feels yucky

yappy dogs-It just annoys the beejeebers out of me

smashed nosed dogs-can't stand to hear them or see them. They look deformed, which they are.

drooly dogs-that is just gross.

stupid dogs-well, what else can you say to that one?

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