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Guest CindyH

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Guest CindyH

Hi everyone,


I just started training again after about 3 years being unable to. We aren't even close to trailing yet, I need alot more training! But I haven't been able to find on the USBCHA page anything that explains differences between the competition levels, such as the difference between novice-novice, pro-novice, etc. Can anyone send me to the right place or give a simple explanation (is there a simple one?) to help out this super newbie?


Thanks, Cindy

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Guest MissTwist24

Hi Cindy,

Ohther than open and nursery, USBCHA doesn't have a say in the "rules" for the other classes (because they don't sanction them). The lower classes vary across the country, so the best thing for you to do would be to contact your local handler's association and ask them what the differentiations are. I know that east coast is different from west in that our open ranch is generally the same as your pro-novice (full course, no shed); whereas our pro-novice generally has a shorter outrun and just one leg of the drive or a very short cross drive. I expect that even in your part of the country, there are even variations from region to region, and perhaps even from trial to trial, depending on what the trial host wishes to offer.


To find your local HA, you may want to go back to the USBCHA site, find the name of your district directors and contact one of them.


Hope that helps some.



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