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oh Becca, I am so sorry that this has happened to Ben and you. There is nothing worse in my opinion.

Carson and I are volunteers with PRBCR and will definitely be on the lookout for Ben for you. Also, we will check the local shelters here for any sign of Ben. I hope that this nightmare is over soon for you and your family and Ben is home safe and sound very soon.


with kind regards


Carson and Donna

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Rebecca - Ouch, this is such horrid news, our hearts go out for you all. Have you thought of trying to get media attention focused on this? Local papers, community radio stations, TV, fliers up everywhere. I don't know your area, but getting as many eyes on the lookout for Ben may be helpful. Our prayers are with you and Ben for his safe return.

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The dogs that were recently stolen in Denver (OK, along with the truck they were in...) was found abandoned, and it was chalked up to so much media attention. There are pro's and con's to that - but it just might help. Hope Rebecca can do this.

Since she's no doubt out and about doing everything, I wonder if someone who knows her better could set up a reward account somehow?


All of our worst nightmares....I hope Ben is found safe and sound.



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I saw the post on the BC Rescue Board - so sorry to hear about Ben!


Although I can't afford to contribute to the reward fund, know that my thoughts and "come home soon" vibes are heading your way as I type!

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I'm sure Becca is busy at the moment, but Ben has been found. Sorry I can't change the subject line to reflect that. Apparently he was dropped off at a neighbor's house, who read his collar and brought him home. So a very happy ending for Ben and Becca's family! I don't have details, but I'm sure Becca will be able to fill everyone in.



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Originally posted by Bluzinnias:

I've been checking this board all day here at work waiting to hear that he had been found!!! Yeah!! Now I can go home and not worry. So glad she found him.



Me too!!!!! Thank God!! Thanks for letting us know!!! Im so happy for them, and most of all for Ben.
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