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What? Does my dog look like a Schnautzer/Terrier Mix?!?!?!

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Last week we were at a large dog park (Chatfield Reservoir for those of you in Colorado), and one woman who also had two BC, took a look at Ouzo and asked me puzzled, what breed is he. I replied, Border Collie. To which she said: He looks like a mix with Schnautzer or Terrier.

What?! Is she insane?

What looks more BC than Ouzo?!

I assured her he's pure bred, smiled and walked away.

Not that it matters how pure bred my dog is, it's just that he doesn't have ANY resemblance to a Schnautzer!!!! Or a terrier!

All the other BC owners at the park stopped and commented on how handsome he is and what a nice pattern he has, recognizing him right away as a BC.




P.S. I would post a picture here for those of you that don't know how he looks like, but I forgot my password to photobucket and it takes ages to get it emailed

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Allie gets called a coyote hybrid, rottie/coyote (because of the eye spots, I guess), wolf, doberman/greyhound, saluki mix, etc., etc. :rolleyes: Once in a while, someone who either has (or knows) BCs actually says, what a great looking tri-color Border Collie!


The rescue folks said they were 99.9% sure that Allie was pure BC (not that it mattered to us at all), and since I've been on this Board I have seen many BCs who look just like her - especially Sandra's Kessie.


I think that the majority of people don't really know all that much about dogs. Ouzo has very unusual coloring/markings and is a gorgeous example of a BC. (I'm afraid I don't see any Schnauzer or Terrier there )

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Guest amylobdell24

Are you kidding? Ouzo's photos are my favorites - I think he's one of the prettiest BC'c I've ever seen....

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But a Schnautzer?!?!?!!? Where from? No wiry hair, big WHITE head, floppy years, 19-20 inches tall, fluffy tail, white socks and chest...


OK, in her defense (as if there is one :rolleyes: ), he was soaking wet, and dirty, having swam like a fish for one hour in the lakes (they have TWo lakes just for dogs!) so he wasn't at his best "attire". Still...............!

I hold BC owners to higher standards! :D

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Schnautzer?! LOL! I guess Kessie should be happy she only got called a greyhound :rolleyes: . Poor Ouzo! He's one of the prettiest BCs on the boards.


Normally, if people ask "Is this a BC?" I say yes, and if they ask "Is this a BC mix?" I also say yes - no one knows for sure after all.

Some just ask "What kind of mix is that?". Until now I've always said "Something with a lot of BC, might be a purebred BC", but next time I'll say "No idea, what do you think?".

Will let you know what they come up with .


The only positively arrogant BC snob ("expert", sorry) I've ever met told me she can't be a proper BC because she "has brown spots!" and isn't a split face :D

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