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I give my dog each morning, a bit of milk, after I pour some in my coffee. He got so used to this routine, that he's developed a Pavlovian effect. Each time he hears me shaking the little Sweet & Low package, he shows up in the kitchen, knowing that my next step will be to pour coffee in my mug and then to open the refrigerator door and get the milk out.


If *God forbids!* I forget to leave the milk for him and I put it back in the refrigerator, by the time I close the refrig. door, I see a pair of totaly hurt and disapointed eyes, asking me "But what about me?!"


He gets maybe 1/2 cup (not mug) of milk each morning and he's been getting it since he was a pup.

He's not crazy about dog food, he isn't particulary hungry in the morning and sometimes barely sniffs it, but milk, that he HAS to have it


Anyone's dogs has a similar routing without which the day cannot start? :rolleyes:

My friend's Saint Bernard has to have her slice of cheese in the morning, for example, otherwise she gets sad :D

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Well, it's not a set routine per time, but my guys all know I don't feed while I am eating. They do know however, that 90% of the time they get the last bit of food, except crab! So, I am eating away, no sign of dogs,,,,,,,,,,,until,,,I get to the last bit, and there are 3 sets of eyes staring laser holes in me and slobber dripping like niagra! HOW they know when I am mite near done, I haven't figured out yet!


Good thing he didn't get used to getting the coffee! Could you imagine a BC on caffine?? :eek:

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Originally posted by karrie:

Well Caffine with a BC could do like caffine with hyper children ~~~ it calms them down.

Maybe, but I'm not going to volunteer to find out! :eek:


When I was first crate-training Violet, I'd give her several pieces of cheddar cheese as a reward for going in every morning. I guess I'd usually say "cheese" when I'd give it to her - cause now she thinks "cheese" is the command for "go get in your crate." She also salivates as she goes inside - very Pavlovian! :cool:

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Well, racing down the stairs in the morning (leaving nothing but smoke behind) is something we can't live without.


One time I held her collar and made her go down slowly. As soon as we were downstairs, I let go of her collar and she ran back upstairs (something she would NEVER do in the morning) and then RAN back down the stairs. Crazy dog. I can't imagine her going down the stairs AFTER a cup of coffee! She already does them in two leaps! :rolleyes:


Oh, and not every day but....

If you give on dog a treat of any kind (it could be dog food or broccoli - it doesn't matter). You HAVE to give a piece to all three. If you don't - they will follow you around for hours just watching you, and waiting. :D

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Well I can answer the question about a border collie getting into the coffee. Right after we got Nellie, my family came in for Thanksgiving and we were walking them out as they were leaving and walked in to this




Of course we were very concerned since she really did not like to give us a break from the frisbee. About a half hour later we saw this.




So I guess Karrie is right, coffee will actually calm them down. :rolleyes:

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We have a bedtime routine... It goes like this:


My husband or I, usually the last one to go upstairs, will get Wes's "go to bed treat" - which is the treat he gets for going into his crate at night. Anyway, starting at 10:00 - he starts to watch to see if anyone is going near the kitchen, if they do, he races behind to see if we are getting the treat. This can go on as many times as one of us goes in there at night... When someone does get the treat, he races around downstairs looking for a toy to bring up to bed with him (this can be funny if there happen to be no toys downstairs)... he then races upstairs and runs into our bedroom - pacing eagerly by his crate. Since we don't put him in until lights out time, we put the treats on the dresser - he always gives a little sigh of apparent disappointment and either hops up on the bed to wait, or lays down on his doggie bed in our room to wait... He waits pretty patiently, but if either of us who is reading or watching TV or something gets up for any reason - he races into his crate... If we don't come soon enough, he figures out tht it wasn't time yet, comes out and resumes his wait. When it is finally time, he races in, we toss in a toy, give him a treat and say goodnight... he always lets out a big sigh and goes right to sleep... It is a very cute routine - and a HUGE deal for a dog who was not at all sure he liked a crate when we got him a year ago :rolleyes:

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