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refuses to play fetch with her toys

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My BC, Sheena, just turned 1 years old. Before she was spade she was a typical BC - full of energy, she loved to play fetch with the ball, rope, rubber chicken. Now, she no longer wants to play fetch outside. She will play with fetch with her toys in the house but does not want to outside. I will through whatever outside, she will go to it and sit down or run/walk past it and keep going. Any ideas on how to get her back into wanting to play? I'm really wanting to play with her.

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Could it be the summer heat? Are you asking her to play with you in either the early morning or very late evening? Her playing in the house and not outside sounds more environmental rather then medical, which you allude to.


Something I recently learned was that dogs who live in air conditioning will get heat stroke faster then dogs without, so that when she goes outside it's hotter for her then to a dog already living in an unconditioned house. (Based on your location I'm assuming you have AC)


So I guess a good question is what's the temp outside when you're trying to play? And does she want to do any type of activities outside like going for a walk?

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