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Question on excercise

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Wasn't sure really where to pose this question, so I just stuck it here.


Jackson is going to resume his herding next week and I am wondering if the "sorry, I didn't come with an off button" Jackson is way out of shape.


He gets played with in the house alot. But at least twice a day I take him out side. I try for early morning when it is cool and evening when it is cooling down.


I do his drills and then I play frisbee with him. When I am playing frisbee it takes about 10 min. and he is panting his head off! Now, I know that they are little nuclear reactors and it takes almost nothing to get their little heaters stoked, but 10 min when it is like 40F outside seems a little quick. I mean, if he were in a trial and it will be quite a bit warmer then, how will he make it?


I know dogs pant when they are hot. Would some of the panting be from being winded? Do I need to time his running and slowly increase time? He has had several checks at vet but nothing was found, course he wasn't checked for this.


Also, after he starts the heavy panting, when I go to throw the frisbee, and he goes into a down(on his own) waiting for me to throw it, he doesn't pant!


Also, today he turned 15mos. old! :rolleyes: Don't know if that matters but thought it might help with suggestions.

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He may just be really intense What I would look for are signs of bluish looking tongue, and really really fast breathing. When you play frisbee, I find that if you slowly increase the length of the throw- and that they run, the do build up stamina, but increase slowly. This time of year most of us are just out of shape :rolleyes:


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Thanks Julie! He seems to recover pretty quick. Haven't noticed a bluish tongue. It stays pretty red. I have started pushing the time a little plus giving him short breaks then going again.


My doctor did tell me I needed to get in shape.

I said I am! Round is a shape! :rolleyes:

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I would not be playing frisbee with a 15 month old dog.


The best way I have found of building endurance is running next to a bike, but I wouldn't be doing that either with a 15 month old male. For a pup of that age I just like long walks, off leash if possible.


Frisbee and other exciting activities will cause them to burn out mentally much faster than they will physically. With a dog of his age, 10 minutes of intensive training on sheep will likely be his limit anyway.

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I play with my dog in disc dog as well and you really have to build up the endurance. My dog does the same thing as yours, when he get's tired he goes into a voluntary down. That's usually my sign that's he's pretty much done. Since I know my dog will keep going if the frisbee is thrown, even if he is exhuasted or overheating, I'll just keep an eye on him and how he's acting. If his tongue/lips/gums are getting really red that is a sign you need to stop now! Extremely red gums or tongue can be a sign of heatstroke and is very dangerous! When he goes into the down on his own, he probably stops panting because he is in "work" mode. My dogs does it too, it does not mean he is not over-heated, it likely just means he's getting ready for the throw.



Personally, I have no problem playing frisbee with a 15mo old pup, but to each their own. I do, however, build up endurance with frisbee as well as making sure my dogs overall fitness is up to par. I don't know about herding, I've yet to do it. Does your dog get any other form of excercise? If not, then I'd probably just take it slow and build up endurance. :)

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