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Constantly Changing Ears

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Dazzle's ears change a lot.


She has one up one down - but it seems that her "up" ear has a mind of its own. If she is really bored, it goes limp and flops around like her other one. I don't mean that she puts it back, but it really just flops over and acts like a airplane ear. Usually, it is mildly pricked (I say that because it has a slight bend). There also seems to be just a constant change in the amount her up ear is up. Anyone else have dogs with ears that always change? :D(I know someone does because it came up once before :rolleyes: )


Bored out of her skull:



normal ears:


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Diesel's do that. His right ear has the bend in it, but when he wants to he can almost make it more fully upright.


Most alert to least alert:







He seems to have more control over his right whiter ear overall, as he's able to pin that one back better too:




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This is Sam. He always had the most amazing ears. As a puppy we called him wig wam because his ears met in a point,though at 8 weeks he had neat little turned down ears. All his life I could tell his mood by his ears. One up and one down , laid back, pricked or on the move . You could sit and watch him move his ears independently. One friend was convinced Sam did his own version of semiphore :rolleyes: His mother was a pure BC and his father was a farm collie, probably not pure bred, but Sam was the best ever. Sadly I lost him last November but remembering his ears always makes me smile.



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Abby isn't a BC but her ears always change. Normally her left ear sticks straight out to the side but if she's relaxed it flops and matches her other ear. Sometimes it's pricked but I haven't managed to get a photo of that since it is always short-lived!






Ryan's ears keep changing too - who knows how they'll end up!



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Quinn's ears flop to the sides (are those airplane ears?) when he is relaxed/interested/hanging out. He also has what I call his Polar Bear look where he folds his ears back against his head so they can't be seen. He does this for a variety of reasons, often of a submissive, "hey you, like me, like me!" nature. When he is aroused about something, most noticibly sheep, one or both ears will often go all the way up. And they move around a lot taking in commands and where the instructor is located, it seems. His ears are very expressive.

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Eve's ears are usually both like Dazzle's "up" ear - pricked-looking, but bent.


When she does zoomies or plays really hard, they break down. I kid you not, her ears wilt when she's hot and tired.


Dakota's ears never change. If something *really* catches his attention, one will stand up a little higher but usually they're both uniformly flopped.

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Oreo has constantly changing airplane ears. I shot a sequence one summer.


Up and forward. "I heard SQUIRREL!"



Up and to the side.






Anndddd back.



It's really rare to catch her with ears full-forward like that first photo, but it does happen once in a while... usually involving squirrels. Her ears are usually to the side listening or back when she's relaxed.

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Guest amylobdell24

Decklan tries on a new pair every day - he's 7 months old now so you'd think they would have decided what to do, but here's some of the lateset trends:


"The Donald" look:



The one-up-one-down style:



The very suave, but kinda boring helicopter do (on the right):



The bedhead, ear aerating, causal chic:



And my personal favorite, the flyaway - sometimes both ears do it, and they actually make an "x" over the top of his head!


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I was wondering about the ears too mack has 1 thats almost up just little bend at the top and the other is just flopped down all the time. i know my old gsd's ears did this and another breeder told me to massage the ears to make them stand up something to do with the cartlidge behind the ear if i remember right anyway it worked on gsd she had lovely straight errect ears. I have just started massaging macks floppy ear only when he's having his stoke and cuddles as he seems to like it anyway plus it gets him use to having his ears messed with so should be easier to clean them i hope. :rolleyes::D

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I was out mowing the lawn the other night, and brought the dog with me, because I figured he'd be happy outside with me. After about 20 minutes, I looked over at him, and he had the most disgusted, bewildered expression. His ears were completely wrong - sort of pressed down but sideways (airplane ears), when usually they are prick or, when relaxed, just laid down a bit. Turns out there were bugs touching him, which drives him crazy. But yes, his ears definitely looked wilted. The last time I saw him looking like that was at the shelter when I went to rescue him.



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Pippin has one ear up and one ear down. As you can see from the avatar, the one ear up generally flops over the top of her head. It has done since she was a puppy--first capture was at about 11 weeks




First flop-over captured at about 4 mos




Folks told us that ear would straighten out, but it really hasn't. She does move it around plenty and when she's working/playing, they both go up. But that flopped over ear seems to be her real trademark

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I am really enjoying this thread! :D:rolleyes:


There is a border collie around here, like 4 years old or something, that has both ears that flop into the middle! It was the first time I had seen that on an adult dog! :D

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Ah yeah, the ears they do tell tales! (or would that be tails.... sorry... :rolleyes: )

Decklan ears have got to win the prize, so far... :D


Hoku's are airplanes for sure.




But he does what I call his Dazzle impersonations!IMG_6406-1.jpg


and he is ambed-earstrious with his Dazzle impersonations (note Gussy getting in on the Dazzle impersonation... but not happy about it!!)



Sort of interested




Oh.... more pictures.... sigh...




Ready for lift off. Good thing he's firmly attached to that stick!



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The ears are one the things I cannot resist when it comes to Dazzle. She's so expressive! :rolleyes:


I'm still waiting with Quynn. He's 15 weeks at the moment...not sure when exactly the ears set for good....but I think they'll both be semi-erect. One of them likes to change positions everynow and then, but they're both semi-erect for the most part.

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