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Buzz has won over the Dukesta!

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It only took 7 yrs or so, but it's finally a reality. Our Evil Orange Kitty, the Dukesta, has detested Buzz from the minute he showed his black and white pointed nose. Angel looooooves Buzz, but B was determined to win over all the feline units!


Reading on my bed for a bit, Dukes was snuggled up against me getting his tummy rubbed. Buzz oozed onto the bed, then oozed very, very close to Dukes. Dukes woke, stood up, meowed his usual protest, sniffed B's head, curled around, laid down on top of B's front legs!!!! and purred, not even grumbling when B sniffed him several times. Buzz was blissed out, and Dukes was just resigned.


This is a momentous occasion for the BC3, and they thought I should share it with you all.


Ruth n the BC3

Especially Buzz The Triumphant Cat Lover

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Awwwww! That's great! I know hubby and I huddle together watching around the corner when our cat gets in a good mood and purrs at and rubs against Zeeke. What a great feeling to catch the kiddos getting together!

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