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ok I'll start like this with the pictures ...

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Hope nobody will flame me because I'm such a moron with this machine ... if you computer wizzards can just go to the link and see the pictures because I'm on the verge of brake down here :rolleyes:

I'll do some vacuuming in the meanwhile , never though I'd be one of those homemakers gloating on a new hoover , but it is now in the middle of the house for good , like some piece of valuable antique ...



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Hi Mado!


It's easy to insert pictures, once you figured out the photobucket site.

When posting a note or a reply, make sure you have the Full Reply form selected, and then click on the Image button and paste the link to the particular picture you want to show.


Your dog looks like a mirror image of Ouzo. You can see it here:


Having fun in the Water



More pictures of Ouzo

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Sure, I saw all the pics on photobucket, that's how I realized our dogs are mirror twins I had noticed your Avatar earlier, but it's when I saw him playing at the beach that the similarity struck me.

One thing I could not figure out is what's his name (I assume it's a boy, I appoligize if I'm wrong!).

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Mado and Donna, Wow, what awesome pics. Warms my heart to see pups having such a good time.

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