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NC BC picnic next Saturday?

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So, am I right that we gather at Rebecca's some time after 11 AM? Bringing a covered dish?


Whose coming? I can guarantee that Fergie is bringing Chuck and me.

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Man that would be so much fun. you guys have all the fun :rolleyes:

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Nancy - This is what I have for sure...


Nancy, Chuck

Laura, Chuck (?)



Becca, Patrick, boys

jrid (I'm sorry...I forget her actual name...I know she has adorable Beaver)


Vickkers (maybe)

Margaret & Colby


I think that just about does it.


It is pot luck/covered dish again. I think we definitely have desserts covered and some of the same goodie dishes as last year.


So just prior to 11 am it is and don't forget your chairs. I will be digging out my tent/screened porch thing this weekend.

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Guest Freckles LaLa Mom
Shall I bring my spinach-ricotta pie again?



Anyway I can have a recipe on PM for that one? We're in CA and dont get to come :rolleyes:

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