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Zipper is back

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So this morning at 8am I had to take Zipper in to get fixed and I wasnt able to pick him up tell about 5pm and the whole day was empty, I didnt know what to do, I was lost, I also read something that made me feel even worse, so I though she told me zipper couldnt eat or drink anything after 8pm last night well the paper she gave me is said after 10 pm so that made me feel real bad casue he could have had water a while longer and all but noooo i didnt read right :rolleyes: but Everything went fine, everything got taken off fine, no problems or anything. When I went to pick him up I walked in and heard t his dog crying in the back and right away I knew that was Zipper and then when they finally got him out he was SO SO SO SO SO happy to see me and I was SO SO SO SO SO Happy to see him. Can you give me things I have to watch out for? she said to not let him play for a week and no walks for a week and things like that and I need to keep him from licking that but she didnt say how long i need to keep him from licking there, how long did you keep your dogs from licking. I wasnt sure if he can after a week or not, I was going to call or go in csuae i have to ask questions about what meds i need to give him every month for worms and all and i could ask her then. He also got his last shots so he wont need to see the vet for a year now unless sometihng happens but im praying notihng does. So do you have any other pointers i can do to make him forget about the pain and what i need to watch out for or just anything? that would be alot of help. and wow the 28th of this month will be Zippers 5th month birthday and he has been apart of our family for 3 months. Time does go by fast, Where did the little dog go that couldnt get on my bed with out help lol.

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I'm glad everything went good. I know what that feels like. When I took Black Jack in for his x-rays I had to leave him for a few hours and when I came to pick him up I heard a dog crying and knew it was him. But they're so happy to see you it makes you feel a little bit better.


Have fun keeping him from playing :rolleyes:

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