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Little Ted in the Big Field

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First day of training after a few weeks off with bum ankle. No pictures sorry - my batteries are draining like instantly after I put them in the camera so no pics until I get new ones, unless someone wants to donate some rechargeable AAs to the cause! :D


Ted was of course a wild man the first few passes! I took some deep breaths, got the sheep in a corner where we could keep things a little more controlled (the field is about three acres), got in one hugemongeous correction as Ted left my feet with ABSOLUTELY no intention of flanking whatsoever. Ted went - OH - rules apply here too? And things went very nicely after that.


We did a few teeny tiny outruns, some flanking, one very promising walkabout, and then we quit as it was hot and the sheep were blown from our beginning rodeo. :rolleyes:


It's time to start working daily with him. Maybe a couple times a day. I'm terrified - and excited - it's like I've been flying in the simulator for ten years and now I'm getting into the cockpit of the real thing. I've trained pups before but they've all had huge issues that I had to get tons of help with (well, Ben probably had issues *I* gave him, but I hear you are allowed to do that to your first dog :D ).


If I'm holding up my end of the bargain, what comes out of Ted is just . . .right. I keep getting distracted, it's so astonishing when it works. Wow, lookit that flank. Wow, lookit him stop and balance. Please don't laugh at me, I know, this is what we say should be the result of every good breeding.


I've got no more excuses. Sigh. I've GOT to get some pictures.

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Me, too!


And Celia, this would normally be where'd I'd insert a little nudge for Nash pictures (particularly on sheep), but I've turned over a new leaf and promised to stop being such a stalker. So I won't say anything. Really. :rolleyes:

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