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Adopted 5 year old male is with us now....

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Make a slip lead of his leash- so you can just drape it over him and onto his neck.



He was dropped off a couple of hours ago. He seems fine,he is playing with our other BC. We haven't petted him yet,he seems leary about that. What I am wondering is if he is nervous of us petting hm,how am I supposed to get his collar on???
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That's great that he is playing with your other BC. In fact, your other BC MIGHT help him learn to trust you. Right now he is trying very hard to understand his new life, so please go very slow with him. Continue to interact with your other dog, pretty much ignoring the new guy(what's his name BTW?) Soon, he will see that interacting with you is a very nice thing! Give treats to your other dog. Then toss one to the new guy. Sorta non-chalant(sp?) I don't know what kinda bite history he has had. There is a big difference between a vicious all out attack and a bite and run. Let him come to you. Don't push him.



Good luck to y'all! Hope it works out!

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He is actually MUCH better than I thought he would be,BTW his name is Toby. Today he has become my suck it all started after I let him out of his crate. He bear hugged me and was nudging me very happily!!


He is VERY possesive wiith his food bowl,he will growl and chase you down if you are holding it so I have started feeding him by hand one kibble at a time and he really doesn't seem to mind that. We didn't get much sleep last night him and sabrina were jumping all over our bed at 1 in the morning,but hey,they get along so very well. They even share toys very willingly.


I feel very comfortable now with him and don't dread getting hs collar on! Thank god for that! He is stll unsure but am very happy so far. We just got to work on that barking,he gets carried away!!!!

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