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Introducing my nutty mutt

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Hi everyone,


I've been a lurker on this board for quite awhile (and I post on the rescue boards) but I haven't actually posted because my little mutt dog isn't exactly a Border Collie. I thought I'd finally introduce Abby here just in case I happen to acquire a BC in the next, say, week or so. Ahem.


Abby is almost 3 and she was in rescue first in Utah, then in LA. She was adopted 3 times and returned each time because she was too full of energy (she'd had everyone fooled with her worried looking puppy face). Her entire litter had docked tails for unknown reasons. We do agility and are going to try flyball (again) this summer, now that Abby has learned to tug :D.


The first picture I saw of Abby:



More recently:



With her foster brother and sister from TDBCR, who both got adopted (and who might look familiar on these boards :rolleyes:)



Not quite making the catch:




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Abby's a cute girl, and she knows Diesel and Mia, that's impressive! Love her "almost" frisbee shot! :rolleyes:


Listen, world: Deb's on to something :D I think she's discovered the secret plot of RDM regarding the cute tri puppy!

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Abby's getting a brother, Abby's getting a brother, Abby's getting a brother!!! :rolleyes:


Oh, yeah, welcome to this corner of the internet!


Oh! I know Abby!


She goes to my agility :D...

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Welcome Abby.


That's what I thought as soon as I read your post. I think everyone knows now :rolleyes:

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Congratulations on Abby's new brother. (But I'm glad the puppy is at your house, not mine.) :D


Would that be the one where everyone on the board will eventually have a TDBCR dog????



Hmmm. Yeah, speaking of "conspiracy theories" RDM . . . :D

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That's great that you got him! Have fun :rolleyes:

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