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I think dog aggression is starting!

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Cody will be one year old next week. In the last few months, and since his neutering at 9 months, he has been less and less friendly and interested in other dogs, especially when he's on the leash. He approaches them in a crouched position, with no tail wagging, looking "predatory", and the other dogs don't know how to "read that". When he gets up to them, he's friendly but reserved and quickly loses interest.


Also, twice now, with two different dogs, while I keep my eye on him and the other dog when they are just meeting, the other dog has yelped and run away. I didn't see Cody actually do anything, but I have a feeling he is nipping their ear or something. I have noticed that when I am friendly and petting the other dog, this has happened so maybe Cody is jealous of that attention and nips that dog when I'm not looking!


He has also tried to "go after" a dog at the agility class we are taking, and that dog didn't do anything to Cody. We have to keep them separated at the class.


With other dogs, like several neighbors' dogs that he has known since he was little, he's great. And at the dog park, he's fine 99% of the time, friendly and playing. But the other day a girl boxer came in, and was very submissive, and Cody and another male dog got angry and started to terrorize her almost immediately. We had to pull Cody and the other dog, a normally VERY friendly golden retriever, off the boxer.


Comments or suggestions? THANKS!

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I think it is important to understand that generally (my opinion) that Border Collies are not interested in other dogs. That is one reason Keegan gets along with other BC's for the most part. They aren't interested in sniffing his rear end...they aren't interested in playing rough...they are just interested in sheep, balls, etc.


Keegan used to go the dog park (unofficial dog park) and at around 14 months of age we had to stop going. He would get into a fight with almost every NEW dog that entered. He was fine with his old pals, but when the butt sniffing began, he would have just about enough of that.


Now I can usually put Keegan out around other dogs. I still have problems but it is something that you have to work with.


I was very upset by it at first but then you have to learn to deal with it...and make him tolerate.


I started by attending a group obedience class...and not at PetsMart where there are other dogs...we did in a yard where there were just the group dogs and they all understood that I was working through issues. We started this process when Keegan was about 1 1/2 years old. We also attended agility classes; however, when his mind was focused on agility...nothing else in the world mattered...not even a dog.


I worked and worked and worked with him. I wouldn't tolerate his behavior. There were consequences for his actions. You have to be stern and mean what you say. I would give a tug on his leash to remind him not to get grumpy with another dog...that took his attention off the other dog. You have to have good timing too. You will start to recognize when he is going to be irritable with another dog and stop it before it starts.


Keegan just turned 5 years old last Friday and I can now take him to lessons, to friends, etc and he behaves himself for the most part. He can't be perfect all the time...but he is pretty darn good in my opinion. But it took a lot of hard work and effort on my part...and you have to get over the "I can't believe this is happening to me" and the "oh, it will work itself out" stuff. You must work with it now and it will take TIME!!!! It took me about 2 1/2 years to feel good about Keegan in a yard full of dogs.


Good luck.

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My dog has almost exactly the same issues. He is fine 90% of the time, but any long eye contact or tense motion during a dog-dog meeting, and he will get snarly with the other dog. It's MUCH worse with bigger, male dogs. Much easier with smaller, female dogs.


Buddy still likes to play with some dogs - he'll roll around and chase and whirl. Most of the time, though, he's concentrating on sniffing out who's been at the park before him. The first few minutes in a park, he won't even notice other dogs are around, because he's too busy doing his job. So I'd agree that a lot of dogs just don't need that much dog-dog social time. I don't worry much about not letting Buddy play much, because I don't think he cares.


I did train a pretty solid "LEAVE IT" with Buddy, and most of the time, I can get him to stop going after another dog with that command. The other day, he started running to join in a dog fight... and he actually stopped midway, turned around, and came back to me. MAJOR progress! :rolleyes:


I'd say just do lots of training, teach him that the aggressive reaction is not OK with you, and maybe give him another behavior to replace it. My dog knows he's supposed to lie down rather than charge when he sees another scary dog at a reasonable distance. (NOTHING works when the other dog charges us - I can't control Buddy then! Aiiee!)


Good luck!



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Clover is the same way... I'd say 80% of the dogs she meets that go up to her and start sniffing or getting in "her space" she will get snarly with (never hurt but it sure looks scary!) and then 20% she randomly LOVES?!?! All dogs that she knew when she was a little puppy (neighbor's dogs etc) she still loves and does wonderfully with... however, she has tried to 'eat' every single one of her classmates at Petsmart except the trainers dog who she's decided she loves. *eye roll*. Pepper just loves everyone.

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I feel your pain! Ceana will be a year old on the 17th and we as well have some issues with new dogs. Old friends are great but the whole curtosey sniff and ruff playing are just not her "thing." We have a much better time playing ball and frisbee.... Although everytime she meets another BC her heart stops and flutters like cheezy old movie. :rolleyes: It amazes me how she will stop and get excited when she notices another BC in the area. Maizy, thanks for the tips and rally of patience. It is nice to hear that all this hard work can pay off. :D

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Its funny that you mention butt sniffing Maizy because Achilles can't stand that. Theres been 2 or 3 instances where a dog would try to sniff his rear and he would quickly snap to attention in their direction and either yelp or growl. All I can understand from what I've seen is that he simply doesn't like either having his butt sniffed or he doesn't like having a dog behind him where he can't keep a good eye on them.

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