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Tornado/ Charity auction

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The Stimatzes(Joe and Laura) were in the path- just as they were getting ready for a clinic

They do alot out west with educating cattlemen about Border Collies.


another forum is accepting cash donations and are auctioning off two working bred dogs. I threw in 30 days training if someone from the Southeast bought one.


Forum link-



Send donations to

Jod Mikles

Rt 4 Box 6550

Elk City, OK 73644


Lauras message---


We got power on tonight. Thank you all for your support. There is nothing like GOOD FRIENDS. Thank you for the calls. Sorry we haven't had the phone up but a day. It was good to talk to some of you this morning. I sure needed the lift. Thanks for the message, Tony, It sure lifted Joes spirits to hear your voice. He is really tired, but thankful we are alive. John K, I'm sure sorry you had to sit that one out with us. But glad you were there to help us out. Pat and Gordon were here until yesterday afternoon. They sure are good folks. Nathan and Maura were great supporters also. Nothing like a big tornado to find out who your friends are.


My brother , Tim, worked for the sheriffs dept. Was also the Macksville city cop and a city worker. He kept the town up and running. He will be greatly missed by us all. As usual he was out looking out for us. Trying to keep track of the storms path. Sending out emergency vehicals to the houses that were hit. He got caught between two tornados. He talked to my mom on the cell phone as the storms were closing in on him. They had him on life support until 6 am today. This all doesn't seem real..........My folks are crushed by his loss, but so greatful they moved back and spent the last several months with him only 1 1/2 miles away. He always made us feel safe. We knew he would be there any time we needed him. He leaves a wife and 3 grown childeren and 2 step sons. 5 grandkids. He was 46yrs old. He and Tyler were really close. We will miss him terribly.


We are getting a handle on things here. All the out buildings except the garage were lost. The house is in one piece except for the front porch. We have had a lot of help from family and friends and neighbors. Around 10 houses in a row were hit here by Macksville. 3 were totally wiped out. One man was killed in his basement. All the other houses had major damage to the out buildings and corrals. Our dogs were shook and we had to dig alot of them out of the trees, but all are fine. We lost one heifer. On Sat we had several more tornados in the area. One took out the west side of our pasture fence and killed Tylers Sorrel gelding. It was 1/2 mile west of our house. Joes brother lost all outbuildings and 51 head of 900lbs steers. There house survived and they were ok. The house to the south of them was flattend and so was the house to the north. This storm really did a number on our community. But we are pulling together and will make it through.


It sure looks alot different here. We are digging holes and pushing the sheds into them. And all the other stuff that was tore up. Our vehichals were in the garage and didint' have any damage. Nathan Barret had his window blown out and John K had a hay trailer fly over his car, but didn't break anything on it. Pat and Gordon had minor damage to their trailer. One of the calves they brought for the seminar looked pretty tough when they went home. But the rest looked fine. Our 4-H dog trailer ended up smashed over the hill east of us. But it is insured and so is the contents. Tyler had a trailer that he bought to haul his goose decoys in. It is upside down sitting on an old farm implement. The top is torn off. The goose decoys are still in it and ok. The trees around here are broke off about half way up. The neighbor to our south, they were broke off about knee high. We were lucky. I had never been in a tornado before. They say this one was about as big as they come. I don't care to be in another one.


When we get things settled down around here, I will get the seminar money sent back to those of you that paid in advance. I don't think we will reschedual one this year. I was sure looking forward to meeting all of you. We had alot of new stuff lined up for this year. Maybe next year. THanks again for your prayers and your support.


Joe and Laura Stimatze

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